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About Us 

We have been selling kerosene products, mostly wicks, since 1997. Virtually all of my wicks are made by the best wick maker in the world, Hattersley in England.  Wicks are made to my specifications and tested in my own extensive collection of heaters, lamps and stoves.

We keep all wicks in stock all year for those who want to be prepared for winter in advance.  We ship wicks worldwide and in fact have the best list and selection of wicks for heaters sold in Europe, Australia and Scandinavia.

In 2005 I noticed that except for Rayo lamps, wicks for center draft lamps had not been made since before WW II.  I purchased many Victorian Era lamps of various sizes, measured original wicks, tested new wicking for diameter, thickness and capillary action, and had the full range of center draft wicks made by Hattersley in England.
Proper Victorian Era center draft chimneys had not been manufactured since the Depression, so after considerable testing I had the best samples replicated in borosilicate glass.
Many larger sizes of flat wicks for European Kosmos lamps had also been unobtainable for decades so I had them made by Hattersley after testing for weave, thickness and capillary action in my own collection of lamps.  KOSMOS

The proper chimneys for many Kosmos lamps had also not been made since the 1930’s, so I  had them made from borosilicate glass. IMPROVED SANS RIVAL
Student lamps made from 1875 through WW I did not have good chimneys available, so I had them made.
The old sad iron heaters similarly had not had new wicks available since before WW II, so after testing thickness, width, and capillary action I also had them made.   SADIORN WICKS

Kindler wicking for gravity-fed stoves made by Boss, Florence and many other stoves from before WW II had not been readily available so I carry the full line of kindler wicking.
By 2008 I had more information on kerosene stoves, heaters and center draft lamps on this website than all other websites in the world combined and was the largest independent seller of kerosene heater and center draft lamp wicks in the world.

We have worked very hard to earn your trust and respect.  We still work seven days a week processing orders.  Every order is acknowledged upon receipt. All orders are shipped every day except Sundays and holidays at noon and delivery information and a tracking number sent to your email address - there are no delays in shipping orders.

Orders received before Noon EDT mailed same day!

Except Sunday and Holidays*

私達は喜んで日本に出荷    (We mail wicks to Japan)

Postage is added per the amount of purchase.  For US delivery, up to $18.00* is $4.95; usually two heater wicks and an igniter are mailed for a low $5.95 postage. First Class (up to 13 oz) or Priority Mail. Postage prices took a huge leap on Jan. 18, 2016, especially for packages and wicks are shipped in packages.  Packages weighing 13 ounces went up $2.00 in cost!  Anything over 1/4'' thick must now be sent at the package rate, and now all packages weighing 8 ounces or less are the same postage cost.  It now costs as much to mail a 1/4 ounce igniter as it does a heavy wick!  I had held the line on what I charged for postage delivery for 10 years but this postage increase was just too much and I had no choice but to raise prices. Orders  with merchandise weighing over 13 ounces are sent via Priority Mail.


Wicks and accessories are gladly mailed to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, etc.  Overseas orders are limited to a MAXIMUM of 20 wicks per order (from 1 wick to 20 maximum) due to the greatly increased charges for International shipping in effect Jan. 18, 2016.  You are responsible for any import fees. (Additional postage may be required for large orders of boxed wicks.)

Postage for orders is by the amount of purchase.

An e-mail confirmation is sent for each order received. US orders for boxed wicks and those sent via Priority Mail have a Delivery Confirmation number sent by e-mail.  I keep you informed.

* Imail virtually every day from Oregon, USA, and delivery is as fast as I can make it happen via U.S. Postal Service 1st Class and Priority Mail.  Orders received before noon PDT are shipped that day, including Saturday, except under the most unusual circumstances.  No shipping on Sunday or holidays, of course, because the Post Office is closed.

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