Hattersley Wick for Pod 8K/SEL

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Wick for POD 8K/SEL

High quality long lasting, cotton heater wick made by Hattersley in England for CUI.  The wicks are in stock and shipped daily.  New, in original packaging, with installation instructions included.   

The POD 8K/SEL was a large convection heater made in Sweden.  It could be termed the highest development of the Aladdin Blue Flame heater concept.  POD never had a website and made no attempt to market their heater but word-of-mouth “advertising” by dedicated users of the heater had sales spread worldwide.  The wick for the POD 8K/SEL is the same 3" diameter as an Aladdin Blue Flame but the wick sleeve is unique to POD and not interchangeable with any other wick.

My POD 8K/SEL wicks are the original, OEM wicks made by Hattersley in England for POD.