Kerosene Heater Wick #8B

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Wick # 8B fits Omni 105 M, N, Omni 120A, B, Omni 230 High quality, long lasting, graphite infused heater wick made by Hattersley in England for CUI. The wicks are in stock and shipped daily. New, in original packaging, with installation instructions included. ENVIROTEMP.... 30495(D230) KERO SUN.... Omni 105 M, N, Omni 120A, B SEARS.... 699.351020 TOUCH 'N GLOW.... SO-230 TOYOSTOVE-TOYTOMI-TOYOSET (by Kero Sun).... KSA-120, Omni 230, B, SO-230, WC-120, WC-120R, WC-105, E, F, 105R, 105R Type E