Wick #0C for Manhattan & Kleeman Student Lamps and others. 1 1/4" flat X 4.5"

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#0C Wick for Manhattan & Kleeman Student Lamps, Heinrichs & Knopp, and some medium and heavy oil student lamps using a 1 1/4" flat X 4.5" long, 0.055" thick wick. Also for the C. T. Ham Mfg. Co. Rochester NY steam engine headlight lamps with 0.68'’ to 0.69'’ (22/32nd) draft tubes.
High quality long lasting, cotton lamp wick made by Hattersley in England.  The wicks are in stock and shipped daily.  Includes two pages of complete, illustrated installation and operating instructions.

*Note: The LARGE Manhattan Student Lamp, German Student Lamp, Cleveland Student Lamp, Miller ''Ideal'' Student Lamps, B&H Student Lamp, Post & Co, Meyrose & Moehring Student Lamps & Sinumbra lamps DO NOT USE THESE WICKS!  They require different size wicks.   Lamps marked "C. A. Kleeman, C. F. A. Hinrichs N. Y. Sole Agent'' often require a 1.0'' wide wick to fit over a spiral tube of 0.566" diameter. Fits some Argand lamps but not those with a 7/8'’ draft tube.