Wick #10

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High quality long lasting, graphite-infused fiberglass heater wick made by Hattersley in England for CUI. The wicks are in stock and shipped daily. New, in original packaging, with installation instructions included.

“Candle” radiant heaters were sold by Canada Tire for decades. All Candle radiant heaters use this wick regardless of model number, JKH 705, 706, etc.


  • CANDLE.... 8,000 BTU Radiant
  • DANRICH.... Danrich II
  • GENERAL.... GK-50A; 600A/G; 700A/G, 88
  • HEAT MATE.... 400, 400E, 500, 650GE, 650GEW; G70GED, G70GEDW, 700EF;
  • 810 (K850)
  • TEKNIKA.... TKH-800E, 800EUl TKH-810E, TKH-1050GE
  • WARM MATE.... 650GEW; G70GEDW, GK-50A; 600A, G; 700 A, G, 8800
  • YUASA.... J-30; Danrich II (with metal band)